Let’s Talk About ‘Let’s Talk About It’

lets talk about it 2I have been using WordPress to do my blogging for quite some time now and I think it is time to say goodbye. I don’t believe my true passion has to do with blogging, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy my time writing on here every once in a while. I enjoyed using the tools the site provided such as adding media to my posts, allowing people to be able to comment on my posts, and even being able to combine my twitter with the blog. One tool I found to be a bit confusing was adding widgets to your site but that is probably because I never learned how to correctly use it. If I were to fix anything about WordPress itself, I would try to make it a bit easier and understanding to use. It is a fairly easy site to use but you can still get confused from time to time.

Even though I do not plan to continue this certain blog, the experience did help me think about what I can do in the future with the right tools, of course. I did like writing and informing people about different issues, so the experience as pointed me in the right direction I believe. Once I have settled in to the right position of my future job, I believe I will start up a real blog that discusses different aspects around my career.  I didn’t necessarily gain the following I was hoping to, according to the site’s statistics. My most popular week was that of November 19th where I gained a couple of visitors and views. My most popular post had to be the one where I discussed a fellow blogger, Sara. That post gained over nine views and even earned me a few followers. I believe this is due to Sara actually seeing my post and acknowledging it which was great! I wasn’t surprised looking t my site stats overall though. This was my first blog site ever and you have to crawl before you can walk.

Before I end my last blog, I would like to thank all of those who supported me up to now. This will not be my last site, that’s a promise. I will be continuing my twitter, so you can always reach me there if you would like to discuss any more topics with me! As I have said before, it was a joy to work on this blog and to express my ideas and feelings over different issues. Lastly, thank you to WordPress for giving me the tools I needed to succeed in blogging. I will most definitely be using them in the future.

Let’s talk about Puppies

Congratulations! You have just decided you want a puppy and are preparing to bring one home. You have bought all the supplies you need such as a crate, bed, bowls, toys, and food. You feel ready but then again, you’ve never owned a puppy before and aren’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, don’t sweat it! Lucky for you, the blog you are reading is written by a girl who had to take care of five newborn pups when my Shih Tzu (pictured below) gave birth. So, let’s talk about what to expect when bringing home your new baby dog.

As cute as they are, you cannot buy or adopt a puppy until they are eight weeks old. They are very fragile and must remain with their mother until they are strong enough to go on their own. Newborn puppies cannot hear or see for their first few weeks and must stay close to their mom since she provides warmth, milk, and nurturing. Once the puppies reach around three to five weeks of age, they start to gain vision, sense, and smell. With their rapid development, they are becoming more aware of their surroundings. The puppies may also start to begin crawling, biting their litter mates, and even attempt to bark.

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Puppies go through weaning once they are five to seven weeks old. This is real start of their independence from their mother because they are getting their food from a different source. The puppies are now more curious then ever and need a close eye on them to ensure safety. They have no fear at this point and they will crawl, dig, and jump in every corner of your house unless you keep them at bay. After weeks of being confined to only his litter mates, the puppy is now ready for new faces and places. Even so, it is best to avoid and scenario that will cause the puppy fear which only traumatize the poor thing. Finally, once the puppy is over eight weeks old, they are ready to their new home with you!

Puppies are truly a blessing to this world and it is important to know all of the stages of them growing so you understand. In a way, taking care of a puppy can be very similar to taking care of a child of your own. If you know all of the stages they go through while growing up, you get an idea of what is to come in the future and how their personality will play out. The better you know your puppy; the better life will be for the both of you. To learn more about what happens during puppy development, check out the Dog People article on a puppy’s first six months of life.

Let’s Talk About Hair Care

So how important is taking care of your hair? Your hair is one of the first things a person will notice about you. Beautiful hair leaves a good impression while unkept hair seems to do the opposite, which is why it’s best for people to take proper care of their hair. Even if you aren’t necessarily in impressions, taking care of your hair has many benefits including reduced hair loss, strong and shiny hair, hair growth, and much more. In this blog, I will be giving you guys some tips on how to give your hair the proper upkeeping it needs. Without further ado, let’s talk about hair care!

hair care

Some people believe trimming your hair will make it grow faster but I don’t necessarily think that is correct. Whether you trim your hair or not, your hair will grow because growth starts from the roots, not the end. However, trimming your hair does have other positives involved. Trimming your hair regularly keeps split ends away which cause your hair to look neglected and unhealthy. Cutting your hair regularly (every month or so) promotes strong and healthy hair.

Another tip is to use the right products for your hair type; the more natural, the better. Many people don’t check what is in the products they buy or their hair which is a huge mistake in my book. Putting too many chemicals in your hair can cause breakage, damage, and other negatives. Whenever possible, you should try your best to only go for natural and organic hair products. Also, try your best to avoid putting too much heat on your hair. Too much heat exposure causes your hair to dry up, damaging it further. Finally, my last tip would be to balance out your diet. I know it seems weird that what you eat is connected to your hair, but it is the truth. If you don’t get enough of the right vitamins and minerals, your hair will suffer. If you don’t believe me, check out this post from Reader’s Digest about how your diet affects hair and scalp health.

You may think that your hair is not something to stress about and you’re right. One shouldn’t have to worry about their hair breaking, being dried up, and going bald. You should maintain your hair’s health and treat it with care and love by having a routine and using healthy products. If you do care for your hair properly, your efforts will not go unnoticed and before you know it, your hair will be just like the ones you see in the commercials! If you have tips of your own that you’d like to share, you know where to find my twitter. Until next time!

Let’s talk about food!

Have you ever seen the yummiest looking food you just wanted to indulge in but then you remember you’re trying to lose a few pounds? Well, you’re not alone. This world is filled with the most amazing food dishes you’ll ever dream about. Food is constantly being thrown in our faces through advertising. Whether it’s on tv, Instagram, or billboards, you are going to see food everyday that you know will only make gain weight. So, the real question is, ‘would you rather eat good or look good’? Let’s talk about food.


I believe the key to living a happy life is being healthy and eating a lot of food. However, doing both is harder than you think. If you see a great dessert and decide to indulge regularly, then it affects our health. If you decide to exercise regularly and have a strict diet, then you cannot enjoy the finer dining in life. So where does one find the balance? The answer is to maintain your health while treating yourself every once in a while. I believe everyone should try to be healthy and take care of their bodies. However, if you see food that you’ve been dying to try, eat it! Don’t fall victim to your mind’s abuse.

If you really put your mind to it, you can both look and eat good. In today’s society, the media has always thrown food in our faces, hoping for our wallets in exchange of a good meal. Yet they also show us models who are sometimes impossible to be as small as, hoping that we see them as body role models. Well I say forget what the media wants you to see and do. As corny as it sounds, just be yourself, eat what you want and maintain your health and you’ll be just fine. To learn more about eating and looking good, visit choosemyplate.gov!

Let’s Talk about man & woman’s best friend

If you are a dog person, then this post is for you. If you are not a dog person, this post is for you as well. As most of you already know, we live on a huge planet filled with millions of creatures roaming every corner. I have always been fascinated by God’s creativity when it comes to these animals but there is one animal in particular that holds a very dear place in my heart; dogs. They are known as man’s best friend, but do you truly know how special these canines are? If not, then get ready because you’re about to get semi-educated. Let’s talk about dogs!dogs

In my opinion, dogs are far better than most animals out there, including humans. It is a known fact that humans can be evil. I hate to call out my own species but turn on the news and surely you will see nothing but violence, hatred, and greed. Dogs, however, have no evil in their hearts. From their birth, their only intention is to explore and satisfy their curious little minds. If raised correctly, they are always friendly to others whether its humans, other dogs, or any other species. It’s as if their only intention in this world is to bring happiness to others around them.

Also, dogs have so many other benefits rather than just putting smiles on people’s faces. Most breeds have the ability to sniff out cancer in humans. They also are known for helping humans with depression. Even further, Dogs are great for therapy, people with disabilities, and rescue/police force. They are smart and loyal which is all anyone can ask from them these days.

If you don’t have a dog, get one. If you have been considering on getting a dog but need a little push, get one. If you despise the canine species, get one. I have and will continue to stand by my opinion that dogs are better than humans. Most importantly, if you are spiritual and believe in a higher power, than you should definitely get a dog. Dog spelt backwards is God and who knows, maybe you’ll find out the lord is really your German Shepherd.

To adopt a dog today, visit petfinder.com!

Let’s Talk About ‘What Sandra Thinks’

I must say, it was a bit hard for me to find a blog site similar to mine due to the fact that my blog site is very broad and wide. I discuss everything from food, people, movies, ideas, topics, etc. I conducted many searches to find a site similar to mine and came out empty handed. However, God shined his light down on one blog site in particular and I am very glad I came upon it. So, as usual, let’s talk about it.

review blog

The site I was lucky enough to find is called ‘what Sandra thinks’. In this blog site, the creator (a woman named Sandra, obviously) writes about her everyday with a sprinkle of random topics. One of her posts could be about how her kids refused to eat the food she made for them and her pursuit to find the appropriate meal for them. Then another post could be about how she admires Chris Hemsworth’s body in the movies he acts in. Like I said, very random posts and yet she makes them all entertaining. In fact, her posts are so interesting and funny, she has earned herself over 3.6k followers on the site.

I strive to gain that many by the end of the semester. ‘That’s an unrealistic goal’ you say? Yes, it is but I am known for striving for the impossible. The truth is, my blogs have so much potential just as many others do. The key to succeeding is to do what you love to do and keep up with your work. Look at Sandra, she started off with just talking about her everyday life and making it humorous and now she is gaining followers by the hour. Our sites are very similar so who knows what could happen in the future?

Let’s Talk About Broke College Students

Have you ever been starving in college with nothing to eat so you go to the grocery store and pick up the only thing you can afford, a single ramen noodle packet? You then go to the register to pay for the twenty-five-cent worth meal just to have your card declined and the cashier just tells you to take it. Only broke college students know the struggle and I went through it my freshmen and sophomore year. So, what does it mean to be a broke college student? Well, let’s talk about it.


Due to college typically coming with a high price, many students get help from their parents for funds. However, many students do not receive a decent amount of financial support which results in one thing, being a broke college student. I have had friends who were so broke, they used dish-washing soap to bathe with. I have known people who walk around the food courts on my campus hoping that a friendly student will offer them a meal swipe to get a meal. A personal story of my struggle is me looking up how much I can get in cash for donating an unnecessary body part. The situation can be seen as both sad and humorous all at once.

Trust me, it is not easy being broke and in college, but I think it is all part of life. I even find the situation a huge learning lesson for everyone who goes through it. No matter how broke I was, I constantly reminded myself that my situation could be a lot worse than it actually was. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to go to such a great campus and I will never forget that; no matter how much money is in my wallet.

Poor college students

Let’s talk about ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

For those of you who don’t know, Jake Paul and Shane Dawson are both famous youtubers with huge followings. They both want to amuse their audiences with the content they post, however, one can say their definitions for “good amusing content” is much different from one another. Shane Dawson is known for making informative and creative content while Jake Paul is known to be destructive, abusive, and even manipulative. Shane Dawson noticed all the hate and controversy had been thrown at Jake Paul and decided to make an eight-part documentary called “The Mind Of Jake Paul”, which I just recently finished and I have A LOT to say about it. So, as usual, let’s talk about it.

mind of jake paul

Now I have to admit, every time I got the notification that another part of the series had been uploaded, I popped a bag of popcorn in the microwave and hopped onto YouTube to watch. So, yes, the series was definitely interesting and even addicting the watch. It focuses on Shane Dawson interviewing a therapist to break down the behavior of Jake Paul, interviewing people who had past relationship with Jake to discuss how their relationships fell apart, and then ends with an interview with Jake Paul himself. In my opinion, the series had both good and bad aspects as seen from a viewer’s perspective. On the positive side, I think the editing of the series was perfect. The tone had everything from, sadness, humor, thrillers, and even action. However, I do think that Shane was touching on subjects that should only be discussed by professionals such as Jake being a sociopath and all. Overall, I enjoyed watching the series and give it a C+.

I personally had negative thoughts about Jake Paul because I have witnessed his atrocious behavior on many occasions. However, I watched the entire series with an open mind and I must say my view of Jake Paul has definitely changed. Please don’t get me wrong, I still hate him and his posse of rich, privileged children who clearly had no good parental supervision growing. BUT, I do have more understanding of why he is the way he is. I just hope doing the series with Shane changed his perspective and understand where all the hate he receives comes from. If he’s smart, he will use this opportunity to change up his image and try to be a better person. However, if he continues to act the way he does, then I pray for this generation of brainwashed children.

#Let’s Talk About It!

“The Best Rant Site there Is!” – Myself

A little about myself and my site:

Hello! My Name is Remi and I am a student at Texas State University. I currently am a junior and my major is advertising under mass communications. I love what I study and major in because it has given me the courage to work hard to be the best of the best in the industry. Like most people, I have many hobbies but my favorite one would be sitting in the car with a close friend at midnight and just having a good discussion. That’s where this lovely blog site comes into play…

“Let’s Talk About It!” is a site dedicated about ranting about about your every day life topics. I talk about food, people, places, TV shows, controversies, and everything in between. The best part is that I would love to hear other’s ideas and opinions as well. Feel free to communicate back with me, whether you agree or disagree, using the link to my twitter. Just put the name of the topic I discuss and include the hastag #Let’sTalkAboutIt so we can really talk about it!

Anyone is welcome to join in on the topics discussed, there’s no discrimination here. However, just as my blog posting will be be civilized, I expect discussions held between two parties to be civilized as well. The main point of this site is for me to bring up relevent/interesting topics that not only applies to me, but our society as a whole. I hope that people can learn a few things after visiting this site and learn to be open-minded through the content. Now enough serious talk, have a look around, like a few posts, visit my twitter, leave a comment and enjoy your visit!