Let’s Talk About ‘What Sandra Thinks’

I must say, it was a bit hard for me to find a blog site similar to mine due to the fact that my blog site is very broad and wide. I discuss everything from food, people, movies, ideas, topics, etc. I conducted many searches to find a site similar to mine and came out empty handed. However, God shined his light down on one blog site in particular and I am very glad I came upon it. So, as usual, let’s talk about it.

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The site I was lucky enough to find is called ‘what Sandra thinks’. In this blog site, the creator (a woman named Sandra, obviously) writes about her everyday with a sprinkle of random topics. One of her posts could be about how her kids refused to eat the food she made for them and her pursuit to find the appropriate meal for them. Then another post could be about how she admires Chris Hemsworth’s body in the movies he acts in. Like I said, very random posts and yet she makes them all entertaining. In fact, her posts are so interesting and funny, she has earned herself over 3.6k followers on the site.

I strive to gain that many by the end of the semester. ‘That’s an unrealistic goal’ you say? Yes, it is but I am known for striving for the impossible. The truth is, my blogs have so much potential just as many others do. The key to succeeding is to do what you love to do and keep up with your work. Look at Sandra, she started off with just talking about her everyday life and making it humorous and now she is gaining followers by the hour. Our sites are very similar so who knows what could happen in the future?


Let’s Talk About Broke College Students

Have you ever been starving in college with nothing to eat so you go to the grocery store and pick up the only thing you can afford, a single ramen noodle packet? You then go to the register to pay for the twenty-five-cent worth meal just to have your card declined and the cashier just tells you to take it. Only broke college students know the struggle and I went through it my freshmen and sophomore year. So, what does it mean to be a broke college student? Well, let’s talk about it.


Due to college typically coming with a high price, many students get help from their parents for funds. However, many students do not receive a decent amount of financial support which results in one thing, being a broke college student. I have had friends who were so broke, they used dish-washing soap to bathe with. I have known people who walk around the food courts on my campus hoping that a friendly student will offer them a meal swipe to get a meal. A personal story of my struggle is me looking up how much I can get in cash for donating an unnecessary body part. The situation can be seen as both sad and humorous all at once.

Trust me, it is not easy being broke and in college, but I think it is all part of life. I even find the situation a huge learning lesson for everyone who goes through it. No matter how broke I was, I constantly reminded myself that my situation could be a lot worse than it actually was. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to go to such a great campus and I will never forget that; no matter how much money is in my wallet.

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Let’s talk about ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

For those of you who don’t know, Jake Paul and Shane Dawson are both famous youtubers with huge followings. They both want to amuse their audiences with the content they post, however, one can say their definitions for “good amusing content” is much different from one another. Shane Dawson is known for making informative and creative content while Jake Paul is known to be destructive, abusive, and even manipulative. Shane Dawson noticed all the hate and controversy had been thrown at Jake Paul and decided to make an eight-part documentary called “The Mind Of Jake Paul”, which I just recently finished and I have A LOT to say about it. So, as usual, let’s talk about it.

mind of jake paul

Now I have to admit, every time I got the notification that another part of the series had been uploaded, I popped a bag of popcorn in the microwave and hopped onto YouTube to watch. So, yes, the series was definitely interesting and even addicting the watch. It focuses on Shane Dawson interviewing a therapist to break down the behavior of Jake Paul, interviewing people who had past relationship with Jake to discuss how their relationships fell apart, and then ends with an interview with Jake Paul himself. In my opinion, the series had both good and bad aspects as seen from a viewer’s perspective. On the positive side, I think the editing of the series was perfect. The tone had everything from, sadness, humor, thrillers, and even action. However, I do think that Shane was touching on subjects that should only be discussed by professionals such as Jake being a sociopath and all. Overall, I enjoyed watching the series and give it a C+.

I personally had negative thoughts about Jake Paul because I have witnessed his atrocious behavior on many occasions. However, I watched the entire series with an open mind and I must say my view of Jake Paul has definitely changed. Please don’t get me wrong, I still hate him and his posse of rich, privileged children who clearly had no good parental supervision growing. BUT, I do have more understanding of why he is the way he is. I just hope doing the series with Shane changed his perspective and understand where all the hate he receives comes from. If he’s smart, he will use this opportunity to change up his image and try to be a better person. However, if he continues to act the way he does, then I pray for this generation of brainwashed children.

#Let’s Talk About It!

“The Best Rant Site there Is!” – Myself

A little about myself and my site:

Hello! My Name is Remi and I am a student at Texas State University. I currently am a junior and my major is advertising under mass communications. I love what I study and major in because it has given me the courage to work hard to be the best of the best in the industry. Like most people, I have many hobbies but my favorite one would be sitting in the car with a close friend at midnight and just having a good discussion. That’s where this lovely blog site comes into play…

“Let’s Talk About It!” is a site dedicated about ranting about about your every day life topics. I talk about food, people, places, TV shows, controversies, and everything in between. The best part is that I would love to hear other’s ideas and opinions as well. Feel free to communicate back with me, whether you agree or disagree, using the link to my twitter. Just put the name of the topic I discuss and include the hastag #Let’sTalkAboutIt so we can really talk about it!

Anyone is welcome to join in on the topics discussed, there’s no discrimination here. However, just as my blog posting will be be civilized, I expect discussions held between two parties to be civilized as well. The main point of this site is for me to bring up relevent/interesting topics that not only applies to me, but our society as a whole. I hope that people can learn a few things after visiting this site and learn to be open-minded through the content. Now enough serious talk, have a look around, like a few posts, visit my twitter, leave a comment and enjoy your visit!